Part five of the Egg Industry Center review of egg production reported on the financial impact of molting. The report (EEU328) dated December 29, 2010 is accessable through the EIC and

Guided by Don Bell, software was developed, permitting input of production data and price information. The EIC evaluated records from 12 producer companies using an 80-week, single-cycle program and a 110-week two-cycle program with molting at 70 weeks. Eight of the 12 companies demonstrated higher returns with the 80-week program. The 52-week average profit from the 80-week program followed by 12 companies was $4.01 compared to $4.10 for the two-cycle 110-week program.


Further details relating to hen-housed egg production, weekly mortality, case weight and daily feed intake can be reviewed in the report. The averages are indicated in the table below:



 Parameter   80 week   70 + 40 weeks 
 52-week profit   $4.01   $4.10 
 Hen-housed eggs   340   457 
 Av.weekly mortality   0.16%   0.19% 
 Case weight   47.5 lb   48.1 lb 
 Feed intake per hen   0.220 lb   0.280 lb 
 Feed conversion   3.24   3.43