According to the latest report from the Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs, animal feed production in the United Kingdom was up by 4.9% in November 2010 compared to the same time period in 2009. 

The total of all feed produced in November 2010 came to 818,200 metric tons, up 5.1% from October 2010 and 4.9% over November 2009 numbers. Of the various feeds, sheep feed boasted the highest growth over 2009, increasing by 14.2% in November 2010 to 41,600 metric tons. Poultry and pig feeds also saw significant growth in November 2010 compared to November 2009, at 9.7% (to 255,200 metric tons) and 5.8% (to 121,500 metric tons), respectively.

A breakdown of poultry feed in particular saw growth in all areas, with turkey feed seeing the highest growth — 11.2% (to 55,000 metric tons) in November 2010 over the same time period the previous year.