MHP S.A.'s poultry production was up by 21% in 2010, coming in at 331,400 metric tons and significantly outperforming the growth of the overall Ukraine market, which only increased by 9%.

During the fourth quarter of 2010, the volume of chicken meat sales to third parties increased by 2% compared to the fourth quarter of 2009, reaching 81,900 metric tons. The growth can be primarily attributed to phase two of the Myronivka poultry farm operating at full capacity for the whole of 2010, alongside the other production facilities, which also operated at their full production capacity during the year.


MHP was able to sell nearly 100% of chicken produced thanks to a continued high demand as consumers substituted other meats, which were more adversely affected by increased grain prices, with chicken. Average chicken meat prices did rise, however, increasing by 7% for 2010 to UAH 13.65 per kilogram.