The Poultry Science Association, in conjunction with the Federation of Animal Science Societies, has released a statement supporting the judicious use of antibiotics in food animals.

“The Federation of Animal Science Societies strongly supports the judicious use of antibiotics in food animal care consistent with the health and welfare of the animals, with preserving the value of antibiotics in protecting human and animal health and with efficient use of the earth’s resources in food production,” said the statement.


Antibiotic concerns stem largely from the possible effects of overuse, which may lead to immunity. “This use of these drugs must be balanced against the potential for engendering drug-resistance bacteria that cause harm to humans," said PSA President Dr. Mike Lilburn. "We are confident that this is a balance that can be struck through the careful development of regulatory systems for supporting antibiotics for disease treatment and a science-based approach to the continued use of antibiotics in food animal populations where it is demonstrably efficacious in treating disease, promoting health and increasing global food security.”