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Los líderes de la industria discutiendo sobre la seguridad alimentaria en la Mesa Redonda de Liderazgo Avícola en Atlanta el 25 de enero.
on April 20, 2011

Poultry industry leaders discuss food safety

A panel of industry leaders discussed food safety and the poultry industry at the Poultry Leadership Roundtable in Atlanta.

The poultry industry's role in ensuring food safety was discussed by a panel of industry leaders at the Poultry Leadership Roundtable in Atlanta Jan. 25. The group represented a wide range of executives from across the poultry industry. Participants included: Carl Blackham, Harris Bank; Mike Blair, Pilgrim's; Brian Coan, Chick-fil-A; Bill Lovette, Pilgrim's; Todd McAloon, Cargill; Scott Russell, University of Georgia; Jon Schaeffer, Pfizer; Bruce Stewart-Brown, Perdue Farms; and Chris Williams, Pfizer. Full biographies of roundtable participants can be seen here.

Gary Thornton, WATT's Content Director -- Agribusiness, moderated the discussion. Topics covered in the wide-ranging, two-hour discussion included: consumer confidence and how it impacts food safety, how food safety has impacted live production, where the industry stands in ensuring the safety of poultry products, how producers can improve consumer information, the role of government in aiding or holding back progress in food safety and more.

The entire roundtable discussion, sponsored by Pfizer Poultry Health and WATT, is available as a series of podcasts. Registration on WATTAgNet is required to download the presentation.

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