Aviagen has announced the establishment of a new enterprise to supply commercial poults and eggs to the turkey industry: Valley of the Moon Commercial Poults Inc.

The new company will operate under the direction of David Kenyon as president, who brings 20 years of turkey industry experience to the job. “The focus of Valley of the Moon Commercial Poults will be on providing the best quality poults and genetics to the industry by utilizing the best hatching technology and delivery trucks, by implementing the highest selection pressure and by having access to Aviagen Turkeys’ R&D program” said Kenyon. “The demand from the end user is high and Valley of the Moon CP will be able to meet this demand.”


Construction of a new hatchery with a 50 million-egg capacity is underway in Iowa that will allow Valley of the Moon to expand its product to many regions of the U.S. Completion of the hatchery is expected in early November 2011 with poults available to customers in January 2012.