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Pig Health & Disease / Pig Welfare
on February 17, 2011

European Porcine Circovirus Research Award sees record number of applicants

PCV2 research focuses on immunological aspects, pathogenesis, epidemiology

The European PCV2 (Porcine Circovirus) Research Award, sponsored annually by Boehringer Ingelheim, received a record number of applicants for the 2010 award year.

Thirteen researchers from 10 different countries applied for the award, which focuses on research proposals in the area of applied immunological PCV2 research. While clinical disease associated with PCV2 is not considered a major issue due to effective vaccinations, more research is needed to better understand the immunological aspects, pathogenesis and epidemiology of the disease, as well as its interactions with other potential pathogens.

Three, 25,000-euro prizes were awarded in 2010 to research projects in Belgium, Spain and Austria. Applications for 2011 may be submitted by Sept. 10, 2011.

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