VIV Turkey 2011, the International Trade Fair for Poultry Technologies, will take place June 9-11.

Occupying two halls of the Istanbul Expo Center, this sixth edition of the trade show is already sold out to exhibitors and is expected to attract 12,000-15,000 professional visitors.

Changing market  

Broiler production in Turkey tripled between 2000 and 2009 to stand at 1.3 million tons. Exports of poultry meat were worth US$150 million in 2009, with the main destination country being Iraq. According to the Aegean Export Corporation, in 2000, Turkey exported 10.8 million kgs of eggs. By 2008, this had risen to 82.7 million kg.

Poulty production and consumption are changing in Turkey. Consumption has risen from 11.05 kg per person in 2000 to 17.4 kg per person in 2009. However, it is not simply volumes that are changing, but also the way that people buy and eat poultry products.

Buying a whole chicken in a traditional market is losing popularity. Turkish consumers are increasingly looking to supermarkets, attracted not only by the higher levels of hygiene that packaged products can offer, but also because there is increasing demand for parts, rather than whole birds.

Production is also changing. As well as producing to satisfy the demands of the home market, Turkey’s poultry producers are also looking to increase their share of export markets. This has meant adapting production methods to meet the rules and regulations of export markets, which can he higher than national standards.


Dedicated offering   

VIV Turkey 2011 is billed as the platform for the Turkish and international poultry industries, and will exhibit the latest equipment, technology and techniques to improve productivity and quality for meat and egg producers to boost export potential.

The event will continue the Feed to Meat concept which covers the entire production chain, from primary production to finished products, representing all parts of the meat production process.

VIV Turkey is benefitting from considerable support from the poultry and associated sectors. These include: the Agricultural and Rural Affairs Ministry, the Poultry and Breeders Association, the Scientific Poultry Association, the Hygenic Processed Products Veterinary Association, the Poultry Veterinary Association and the Central Egg Producers Association.

The event will run concurrently with Animalia Istanbul, which will include presentations and seminars by participants, trade associations.