East Europe figures prominently among projects being reported by Austria-based Schauer Maschinenfabrik. A large example involves modernising a former state farm at St Giorgio in Romania.

Currently at the implementation phase, this will update an enterprise for 3100 breeding pigs and add 25 000 new grow-finish places. All 18 of the existing houses on the site are described as having been in a dilapidated condition. Besides supplying everything for the modernisation, from pen equipment to feeding and ventilation systems, the company is putting in new slurry removal facilities and arranging that the liquids are separated before disposal.

Once revitalised, says Schauer, the breeding unit will operate on a weekly cycle. To suit this management rhythm the production areas are sub-divided, so there are 2 buildings for rearing replacement gilts and 2 for farrowing. Gestation also takes place in twin compartments and a pair of nurseries takes weaned pigs to 23kg. Only the mating section is in a single house, while growing and finishing occupy 9 buildings.


Weaned sows and those in lactation are to be dry-fed from dispensers. Pregnant sows receive their individual rations from a Compident ESF feeding station (Photo 2). Newly developed Ecomat automatic wet feed dispensers will be used in piglet rearing.

The grow-finish rooms are equipped for liquid feeding with trough sensors. Western standards also apply in the design of the fully slatted farrowing centre (Photo 1).