Acquisitions and mergers during 2010 have allowed Danish Agro in Denmark to expand its business, meaning the company now makes at least one million metric tons of compounds per year.

The company's latest annual report says that Danish Agro produced almost one million metric tons of feeds in 2010 and now has capacity at its collection of 10 mills to produce 1.2 million tons in 2011.


Danish Agro is the trading arm of the DLA group of farm cooperatives in Denmark. In 2010, the group achieved a net turnover of €1.79 billion compared to €400 million the previous year. Three large grain and feedstuff businesses were integrated into it in 2010, beginning with a merger with S.A.B. and the takeover of certain facilities of regional merchant Aarhusegnens Andels before Danish Agro and Nordjysk Andel agreed to amalgamate. Under the agreement, Danish Agro gained majority control of several companies associated to DLA, including premixer Vilomix as well as seed and energy interests. 

The merger with Nordjysk Andel was approved by the Danish competition authorities in February 2011.