One in four Americans is concerned about having enough money to buy food in the next year, according to a national hunger survey commissioned in February by the Food Research and Action Center and Tyson Foods Inc.

The online survey, conducted by Hart Research Associates and part of Tyson's "KNOW Hunger" campaign, found that 24% of respondents indicated they are very or fairly concerned about being able to afford food at some point in the next year, and another 31% are slightly worried. However, two-thirds of those surveyed said they believe hunger is a more serious problem nationally than in their own community. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Economic Research Service, 14.7% of American households are food insecure at least some time during the year — the highest level recorded since 1995. "The research shows that the vast majority of Americans believe that hunger is a problem for the country, and it also shows they are committed to the belief that no one should go hungry," said Jim Weill, FRAC president. "No community is free from hunger, but the survey demonstrates very broad and deep support for efforts from both the public and private sectors to implementing solutions to this continuing challenge for our nation."


The survey also found that 54% of Americans believe more should be spent to address hunger compared to other problems, 73% see a major hunger relief role for the federal government and 80% see a major role for local organizations and leaders.