Bill A5912-2011 was recently introduced into the State of New York Legislature, sponsored by five members. The State Agriculture and Marketing Law would be amended by adding section 96-(c)-30 to mandate compulsory vaccination of flocks supplying eggs intended for sale in the state of New York.

The proposed amendment will empower the commissioner of agriculture to establish and issue rules and regulations relating to vaccination of flocks against SE.


This action is effectively “window dressing” since it is unlikely that that are any commercial flocks either in New York state or are operated to ship eggs from supplying states that have not been vaccinated. Since the commissioner will subsequently have to rule on the types of vaccines, routes of administration and ages of flocks receiving vaccine it is not possible to comment on the proposal.

At best it will make no difference to the incidence rate of SE among consumers in New York state, and at worst it will add additional costs for paperwork, administration and surveillance.