Vice President of Feed Regulation and Nutrition for the American Feed Industry Association Richard Sellers addressed feed mill managers at a recent seminar, focusing on the Food Safety Modernization Act and its ramifications on the industry.

During the event, sponsored by the U.S. Poultry & Egg Association’s Poultry & Egg Institute, Sellers said that the industry is experiencing some of the most significant changes in the Food and Drug Administration's regulation of feed since 1958. “You need to know what is in the Food Safety Modernization Act in order to comply,” said Sellers. “You will not see anything like this law in the history of the Food and Drug Administration and probably will not see anything to the magnitude of this bill in the future.”  


The new law applies to all ingredient processing, feed manufacturing, pet food, feed and ingredient imports and transportation. Sellers discussed some of the new facets of the law that he said need to be addressed by all companies:

  • Determining each company’s risk level
  • Foreign supplier compliance to ensure they comply with the FSMA
  • User fees for re-inspections
  • Implementation timelines

Other talks at the event included Jim Norris, senior safety administrator of Bunge North America, presenting “Safe Entry and Reclaim from Flat Storage Spaces;" Andy Yersin of Kemin Industries presenting "Salmonella Control and Prevention;" and Don Holman of Tyson Foods discussing "Transportation Guidelines — Comprehensive Safety Analysis 2010."