Pig producers in the East Midlands of the UK are formulating plans to improve herd health across the region. At three meetings in March, producers in the area gave their views on the direction the new East Midlands Pig Health plan should take.

The open discussions resulted in some ideas on what producers would like EMPH to achieve as a long-term program.


Producers have agreed, initially, to focus on health management and biosecurity training with the following benefits already on offer to members:

  • Training to improve biosecurity practices;
  • Sharing information and experience with other members – producers can opt in to show information on an online map and see who else is a member; and
  • Health management – the BPEX Pig Health Scheme will be available free of charge to members of EMPH on registration, providing an invaluable source of information when planning health improvement and management.

BPHS has specialist pig vets checking carcasses for a range of important pig health conditions in specialist abattoirs throughout Britain. The report sent back to producers gives them a picture of their overall herd health, including sub-clinical disease. Training will also be available to help producers interpret the BPHS results.