February exports of U.S. poultry meat increased by more than 15% in quantity and nearly 18% in value over the same month in 2010, according to trade data released by the Foreign Agricultural Service.

Export quantity of all poultry meat in February reached 290,261 metric tons with a value of $338.7 million. Cumulative January-February poultry export quantity rose by 11% to 554,769 metric tons, while value increased by 13% to $648.5 million over combined totals for the two months in 2010. U.S. turkey exports set a record for both quantity and value in February (24,123 metric tons valued at $41.5 million, up 37% and 35%, respectively) and the export value of U.S. chicken paws (26,045 metric tons valued at $39.6 million; up 30% and 25% from 2010) was also a record for February.


For broiler meat (excluding chicken paws), February shipments totaled 233,112 metric tons valued at $245.5 million, up 12% and 14% over February 2010 despite declines in exports to several markets, including Vietnam, China, Cuba, Angola and Congo. U.S. exporters increased shipments to numerous other markets, including Mexico, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Russia, South Korea and Iraq, which helped to drive the overall increase.

The export value of U.S. chicken paws in February was the highest ever recorded. Of total paw exports, 90% (23,492 metric tons) were shipped to Hong Kong, an increase of 56%, while 8% landed in mainland China, down 32% from February 2010.


Both quantity and value were records for February, thanks to increased shipments to Mexico, China and Taiwan. Exports to Mexico — the top U.S. turkey market — climbed to 13,672 metric tons valued at $26.1 million, up 44% and 40% from 2010 numbers. Shipments to China, the second leading market, reached 3,711 metric tons at $3.8 million, up 134% and 143%, respectively. Exports to other important export markets such as Taiwan, Canada, Bahamas and Jamaica also increased significantly.


Table eggs  

For table eggs, exports for February 2011 were 3.82 million dozen, valued at $3.211 million, down 10% and 7% from 2010 numbers. The decrease is mainly attributable to decreased shipments to Canada, the U.A.E. and Israel. Increased shipments to other export markets such as Hong Kong, Mexico and the EU-27 helped boost the total.

Egg products  

For U.S. processed egg products, February exports were 3,014 metric tons at $7.763 million, down 15% and 25% from February 2010, attributable to declines in shipments to several key markets, including the EU. Exports to Japan, the top export market for U.S. egg products, increased 76% to $3.865 million, accounting for 46% of U.S. total export value of egg product for the month.