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Poultry Nutrition
on April 25, 2011

US meat science association announces speakers at June conference

Marketing ideas, food safety risks, supply chains on agenda

The American Meat Science Association announced the speakers at its Reciprocal Meat Conference  product development session on June 20.

"Developing Marketable Ideas" will be presented by Dr. Craig Bacon of Tyson Foods. Bacon will focus on discovery of new ideas, the processes to evaluate them and how to turn the ideas into successful products. Rosalind Zils, of Cargill, will speak on the topic of "Defining Food Safety Risks," looking into food safety risks as they relate to supplier systems. "Enhancing Food Safety Throughout the Supply Chain" will be given by Dr. Kevin Nanke of Lopez Foods. Nanke will explore how to assure a safe food supply chain through interaction across disciplines in the entire chain.

AMSA's Reciprocal Meat Conference will take place Jume 19-22, at Kansas State University in Manhattan, Kan.

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