Cobb held a seminar in China focusing on the global poultry market, company investments and technological improvements for more than 50 of the country’s largest integrated chicken producers.

The two-day seminar, which invited speakers from key government departments and industry professionals, had four different keynote topics:


  • Cobb President Jerry Moye explained how Cobb is expanding to supply an increasing share of the global market, with Asia the fastest growing region for the company.
  • Dr. Mitch Abrahamsen, vice president of research and development, described the company's investment in people and technology and outlined Cobb’s investment in what is one of the largest commercial genomics programs in the world.
  • Cobb Asia General Manager Duncan Granshaw talked about use of new and old technology in the poultry industry, emphasizing how simple technology can improve management and performance in all facilities.
  • Charles Calvert, regional sales and technical manager, described how producers can get optimum performance through the company’s technical team working in Asia.