The National Grain and Feed Association has submitted changes to a British Standards Institution-proposed standard designed to establish a set of requirements for programs used by facilities to assist in controlling food safety hazards in the manufacturing of animal foods and ingredients. 

"A single, internationally recognized standard could be very beneficial in alleviating the potential need for animal food manufacturers to obtain multiple food safety certifications based upon different standards," said the NGFA. The association made several recommendations regarding various aspects of the voluntary program draft, including:


  • Further clarify the proposed provisions that would require a facility’s site boundaries to be “clearly identified” and access to the site “controlled.” 
  • Delete from the standard a proposed requirement that would prohibit the use of compressed air for cleaning. 
  • Delete the proposed provision that would require equipment to meet established principles of hygienic design, including “framework not penetrated by holes or nuts and bolts.”  
  • Clarify a proposed provision that would require product contact surfaces to be “corrosion-free” and delete if the term refers to the use of stainless steel materials.  
  • Delete the proposed requirement that a “list of materials that are an acceptable (positive) and/or unacceptable (negative) prior use of bulk conveyances and containers shall be maintained.”