TechMix LLC has expanded its swine nutrition business with TechMix BioTech in Shanghai, China, in a partnership with GenTech China

"China is the largest swine market in the world with more than 650 million hogs produced every year," said Mike Nelson, president of TechMix. "Chinese producers are looking for more specialty nutrition products for targeted applications to better manage the stress periods of pigs, as alternatives to medications and antibiotics… and based on proven technology." The TechMix BioTech facilities include a manufacturing plant, offices and sales team.


The new business will initially include six products from the TechMix swine product portfolio that focus on sows and young pigs: Swine BlueLite, Mo’ Milk, Liquitein, Gruel-tein, Baby Pig Restart and N-Take. Each product can be used within a targeted intervention protocol, developed by the company, called Timed Even Nutrition.