NFU Scotland has partnered with meat processor Vion to grow Vion's business to benefit Scottish and UK pig producers.

Members of the NFUS board of directors met in the Netherlands with Vion and its shareholders, the Dutch farming union ZLTO. One topic discussed was Vion UK's acquisition of Scottish-based Grampian Food Group, which took place two years ago. "It was reassuring to hear first-hand Vion UK's plans and the progress being made in restructuring and developing their business," said NFUS President Nigel Miller. "This is a company almost unique in UK terms as its position of farmer, feed manufacturer, abattoir owner and processor gives it a full appreciation of how the retail chain operates.”


Miller said Vion sees the value in marketing beef, lamb, pig and poultry products that have been born, bred, fed and slaughtered in Scotland and labeled to reflect that. "The company's enthusiasm for product development and adding value that saw 55 new products launched from one business unit alone last year is refreshing, and is something that I believe Scottish pig and poultry farmers will see the benefit of," said Miller.