The U.S. Poultry & Egg Association presented its Poultry Wastewater Treatment Operator Training Program to two separate classes over a four-day period during the first week in May. 

The course introduced students to the regulatory structure governing poultry plant effluents, provided a primer in math, chemistry and microbiology, and covered the predominant equipment and systems used to properly treat poultry effluent prior to discharge. After fourteen hours of classroom instruction and active student involvement, the 33 participants received a certificate of completion with a number of states having approved the course to award professional development hours and/or continuing education credits necessary to maintain a wastewater treatment license or certification. 


The training program was developed in 2003 by professionals with detailed knowledge of poultry wastewater treatment; the course is primarily geared toward operators and supervisors who are presently involved in poultry wastewater treatment and is particularly suited for those with less than two years of experience in this area.