More than 130 broiler farmers and poultry specialists recently participated in seminars hosted by Cobb Germany and two Czech hatcheries, Mach and Xavergen. The broiler seminars took place at Litomysl and Havlickuv Brod, in the Czech Republic.


James Truscott, director of Cobb Germany, spoke about the poultry industry's role in providing for the growing global population, focusing on the increasing emphasis on feed conversion. Hatchery expert Dr. Ron Meijerhof, of Poultry Performance Plus, spoke about the importance of accurate temperatures during transport and brooding in order to provide day-old chicks with the best start. Saeid Najati, broiler and breeder specialist, spoke about his experiences with Cobb broilers in Germany, covering both light programs and nutritional strategies. Finally, Lubor Skalka, technical manager in the Czech and Slovak Republics, stressed to attendees the importance of ventilation and heating in achieving good environmental conditions.