The Codex Alimentarius Commission decided to hold the global food safety standards for Elanco's feed ingredient ractopamine hydrochloride at Step 8, during its 34th Session in Geneva.

Ractopamine is a feed ingredient, sold under the name Paylean for swine and marketed as Optaflexx for cattle.


"Adoption by Codex of the ractopamine standards would have been a major step towards helping address worldwide hunger and enabling sustainable meat production as experts predict that ractopamine's worldwide adoption, based on the increased meat yields, could result in billions of additional servings of pork and beef per year," said Jeff Simmons, Elanco's president.

"We are disappointed that due to national interests and procedural matters Codex did not adopt the global food safety standards for ractopamine," said Dennis Erpelding, director of corporate affairs at Elanco. "Codex standards for ractopamine would help countries to differentiate ractopamine, a beta-agonist that can be safely used in food animal production, from other beta-agonists."