The Poultry Science Association has made plans to expand its online archives with the Legacy Project, which aims to take approximately 622 back issues of scientific poultry journals and turn them into online-accessible files.

The PSA currently has a print-only archive of journal issues that begins with the International Association of Instructors and Investigators in Poultry Husbandry Proceedings (1908 - 1912), continues with the Journal of the American Association of Instructors and Investigators in Poultry Husbandry (1914 - 1921) and becomes Poultry Science (1921 - 1996). In all, there are approximately 105,754 pages in 16,955 articles and 622 issues in the collection that are not available online. These issues represent a substantial body of poultry-related research that can be obtained only through library archives, representing roughly nine decades of data and classic papers, according to the association.


The project is expected to cost $60,000; Novus International Inc. has already pledged a $30,000 "challenge grant" to the project to match contributions of member donors. Anyone interested in more information or wishing to make a donation to the project can find information here.