Shell eggs broken totaled 185 million dozen during June 2011, 6% above the 175 million broken in May and down 1% from June 2010, according to the latest U.S. Department of Agriculture report.


During January through June 2011, shell eggs broken totaled 1,029 million dozen, up 3% from the comparable period in 2010. To date, cumulative total edible product from eggs broken in 2011 was 1,342 million pounds, up 2% from 2010. White and yolk products were both up in June 2011 over June 2010 numbers, coming in at 66 million pounds and 33 million pounds, respectively, compared to 64.9 million pounds and 30.9 million pounds, respectively. Whole egg products were down, at 139. 8 million pounds compared to June 2010’s 146.6 million pounds.