Poultry prices have dropped in northern India as area consumers have gone vegetarian in conjunction with the month's religious practices and decreased demand for poultry products, according to reports.

Wholesale live weight broiler prices are currently Rs58 (US$1.30) per kilogram, down from Rs68 (US$1.68) per kilogram. Dressed broiler prices have decreased from Rs120-Rs130 (US$2.69-$2.92) per kilogram to Rs100-Rs110 (US$2.24-$2.47) per kilogram. However, the decrease is seen as a temporary situation, according to farmers. "The decline in demand for the poultry products is expected to reverse by the middle of August, after which we expect the demand to rise again," said Ricky Thaper of the Poultry Federation of India.


Egg prices have also dropped in the last month due to decreased demand, with the wholesale price of one dozen eggs falling from Rs30 (US$0.67) to Rs25 (US$0.56).