The National Poultry & Food Distributors Association has announced its 2011-2012 NPFDA Scholarship winners: 


  • Michelle Janik, Oregon State University, Animal Science/Poultry/Pre vet — Albin S. Johnson Memorial Scholarship
  • Philip Wise , Pennsylvania State University, Agricultural Sciences — William Manson Family Memorial Scholarship
  • George Ethan Kilcrease, Auburn University, Poultry Science/Pre-Vet — Alfred Schwartz Memorial Scholarship
  • Amy Marie Vansa, Texas A&M, Poultry Science — NPFDA Scholarship
  • Sheilena Brookshire, University of Georgia, Avian Biology — Alternate
Scholarships are awarded annually to four students enrolled full-time pursuing an agriculture, poultry or food science (related) degree. The NPFDA's goal in awarding the scholarships is to help build "People Resources" for the poultry and food industries by providing funds to students pursuing an education in all fields relating to the poultry industry.