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Egg Production


Eggs: Often imitated, never equaled

Plant-based egg alternatives may be increasingly convincing, but they still fail to offer the full benefits of the original egg.
Plant-based egg imitations may never offer the full nutritional benefits of the original egg.
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Which are Asia’s largest poultry, egg producers?

Whether for broiler or egg production, Asia is home to a significant number of companies that are large enough not only to be ranked top players regionally but that also take top spots globally.
China dominates the list of leading chicken meat and egg producers in Asia, but there are key players beyond China’s borders that have achieved key positions for both broiler and egg production.
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Do you prefer brown eggs or white eggs?

Consumer preference for brown or white egg varies from country to country, but even within countries, regional preferences have emerged.

There is no difference in the nutritional value of brown and white eggs, so why do consumers prefer one over the other? 

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How are pests finding cage-free houses and egg packers?

As companies transition from conventional to cage-free housing, all vectors of transportation should be considered to keep pests and rodents to a minimum.

Much of the U.S. egg industry is gradually transitioning to cage-free housing for laying hens. Good pest management is an important part of an egg producer’s food safety program.

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