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Egg Production

Marketing poultry products to younger generations

Consumers’ food-buying decisions are changing rapidly, and chicken and egg producers that fail to act on these changes do so at their own peril.
Marketing poultry and egg products to younger generations requires a more tailored approach unimaginable in the past. This offers great opportunities for producers, but this change brings risks for those who fail to engage.
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Mexico will allow imported table eggs to be washed

The Mexican government will now allow importers and producers to wash table eggs following certain requirements in the process.
Mexico announced modifications were made to the sanitary norms and regulations related to eggs and their products to allow the producers, importers and marketers of table eggs to wash them before they reach the consumer.
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Sunrise Farms avian flu case trial set for November 2020

Egg company says companies hired by APHIS to disinfect property after avian influenza infection were negligent and caused significant damage
A jury trial for a case in which Sunrise Farms Inc. sued companies hired by the U.S. government to depopulate and disinfect its premises near Harris, Iowa, after a 2015 highly pathogenic avian influenza infection has been scheduled for November 30, 2020.
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Ventilating the world’s largest cage-free layer house

With the shift toward cage free, ventilation systems will have to adapt in new laying hen housing models
With the U.S. egg-laying industry potentially moving toward 100% cage-free production, new housing systems are being tested to find what methods make the most sense economically while providing for bird health and welfare.
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Employee ventilation training key to layer farm success

To ensure ventilation systems are working to their full potential, employees should know how to identify issues, report problems and understand that ventilation can be a useful tool to improve productivity and profitability.
Employees should understand the importance of the laying hen house ventilation system and be properly trained on identifying issues.
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