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German farmers call for compensation in wake of dioxin-contaminated feed investigation

More than 1,000 farms affected by halt to egg, poultry, pork shipments
The German Farmers' Association is calling for compensation after the discovery of excessive amounts of dioxin in the products and animal feeds of Harles & Jentzsch GmbH forced more than 1,000 farms producing eggs, poultry and pork in Lower Saxony and North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, to halt sales. "Those who are responsible for the damage must pay for the damages," said Helmut Born, the association’s general secretary.
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Venezuelan poultry consumption to increase in 2011

Chicken imports are poised to take more market share, while domestic output is pressured by high feed costs and fixed output.
Poultry consumption in Venezuela is expected to increase in 2011, however, imports will take a larger share of the market as domestic output is pressured by fixed output prices and high feed costs. According to the US Department of Agriculture’s Foreign Agriculture Service, poultry imports from Brazil and Argentina will make the domestic industry less profitable as it faces stronger competition.
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The Egg Producers Federation of New Zealand

The Egg Producers Federation of New Zealand The Egg Producers Federation of New Zealand (EPF) represents the interests of all commercial egg producers in the country. Membership is mandatory under the Commodity Levies (Eggs) Order 1999, and any person or ogranisation that purchases 100
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Using genetics to improve egg safety

Studies bring greater insight and practical tools to improve egg quality and safety.
Poor eggshell quality leads to increased numbers of cracked and damaged eggs. Cracked eggs encourage bacterial infections and are 3 to 93 times more likely to cause Salmonella outbreaks than intact eggs.
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The US egg industry and the Salmonella recall

Salmonella infection grabbed in the headlines in the US as 2010 drew to a close, but the industry had not stood still and already had the bacterium squarely in its sights.
The US egg industry was exposed to extremely adverse publicity following the mid-August 2010 egg recall due to Salmonella enteritidis. The immediate effect of media attention was a precipitous drop in prices due to an immediate decline in consumption, mirroring the UK’s late 1980s “Eggwina” episode, when a Junior Health Minister’s warnings over infected eggs lead to a rapid decline in egg sales.
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Egg producers place sustainability under the microscope

To achieve truly sustainable production, questions need to be asked along the entire egg production chain.
How can 9 billon people be fed and the planet maintained? This was the question asked at the IEC Prague 2010 Conference by Dr Jason Clay, the Senior Vice President of Market Transformation at the World Wildlife Fund. Dr Clay explained that globally we face an enormous challenge: “We have to figure out how to produce as much food in the next 40 years as we have in the last 8,000.”
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Canadian egg association's Young Farmers Program recipient to study at Aviagen

Education included nutrition, veterinary issues, biosecurity, shipping/export processes
Hatching egg producer Laurens Van Der Rijt, the recipient of the Canadian Broiler Hatching Egg Producers Association's Young Farmers Program, is headed to Aviagen's Alabama facilities to study the U.S. poultry industry. The program, which aims to broaden knowledge of the hatching egg industry in other countries and is designed around the recipient's experience, allowed Van Der Rijt the opportunity to look at Aviagen's product performance, nutritional advice, veterinary issues, biosecurity objectives, production planning and shipping/export processes.
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Producer Corrie Mains Farm wins Scottish Egg Quality Award

Second-year winner beats 21 other entrants with a score of 520 points
Egg producer retailers Jim and Anne Smillie of Corrie Mains Farm in Ayrshire, Scotland, have won top honors in the 2010 Scottish Egg Quality Awards. The farm beat 21 other entrants with a score of 520 points to take the award for the second year in a row.
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Industry to emerge stronger in 2011

We have witnessed a gratifying restoration in the UB price from early November onwards. There are a number of reasons for this welcome circumstance. These include a reduction in the frequency and intensity of press releases by the FDA.
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