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Egg Production

Redefining organic eggs

Potential restrictions promoted by the Cornucopia Institute could harm organic producers
The production of organic eggs administered by the USDA-National Organic Program has shown double digit increases in sales from inception of the program through to the onset of the recession. Although there are indications of improvement in sales volume, the favorable trend may be altered by a radical revision of the ground rules for production.
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Industry returning to improved profitability

Rise in UB price has offset recent escalation in feed costs
Maro Ibarburu, program manager for the Egg Industry Center located at Iowa State University, released the October-November statistical report on December 6, which was prepared in collaboration with Don Bell of the University of California at Riverside. It is evident that the industry is returning to improved profitability as the rise in Urner Barry price has offset recent escalation in feed costs.
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Harper Adams teams up with Oaklands Farm Eggs to expand student knowledge

Students will gain hands-on industry experience
Harper Adams University College is teaming up with Oaklands Farm Eggs Ltd. to give its students hands-on knowledge of the egg industry. The company turns over nearly 500 million eggs per year; working with them will provide students with access to the latest facilities for both teaching and research, as well as a first-hand look at a commercial operation.
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CTB founder Howard S. Brembeck dies

Founder turned 100 years old in 2010
CTB Inc. founder Howard S. Brembeck has died at the age of 100. Brembeck founded Chore-Time in 1952 in Alliance, Ohio, before relocating the business to Milford, Ind., in 1954.
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US, South Korea conclude negotiations on free trade agreement

Exports could generate $750 million over first 10 years of agreement
The U.S. and South Korea have concluded negotiations on a free trade agreement that has the potential to triple annual U.S. poultry exports to the other country. In 2009, U.S. poultry exports to South Korea totaled roughly $46 million.
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Fire destroys National Food egg plant

Building and equipment
The National Food egg plant located in Arlington, Wash., was destroyed by fire on November 10. There were no injuries, but the conflagration, which started on the roof, consumed the building and equipment. 
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Robotics makes a breakthrough in egg packing

Illinois company exhibits technology at open house
Smart Motion Robotics (SMR) of Sycamore, Ill., hosted a two-day event to demonstrate its range of robotic technology especially developed for shell-egg plants. Established in 2000 by Scott Gilmore, the company has expanded to develop custom robotic applications for the food and pharmaceutical industries for over a decade.
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Recall continues to distort price projections

EIC currently uses a basis of 47 cents per dozen for California and the Northwest and 35 cents per dozen for the remaining four U.S. regions
Maro Ibarburu, program manager for the Egg Industry Center (EIC) located at Iowa State University, released the August-September Statistical Report on October 14. The recent egg recall in Iowa affecting approximately 6 million hens, of which half may have been depleted, continues to distort projections of price and hen numbers.
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Examining events of the SE recall

Learning from the mistakes will help the industry overcome this incident.
The entire U.S. egg industry has been dominated by the fallout from the extensive egg recall associated with the DeCoster-owned Wright County Egg Complex and the associated operation of Hillandale Farms of Iowa. The commentary “The SE recall: Inevitable or accidental?” outlined the facts as known and raised questions which must be answered if the industry is to aggressively respond to maintain consumer confidence, support the UB price, which has crashed and prevented SE being the “new cholesterol” of the current decade.
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Current health of US egg production flocks

A review of the presence of top diseases, including E. coli, infectious laryngotracheitis and focal duodenal necrosis.
The U.S. egg production industry is enjoying a period of relative calm regarding health and infectious disease. We are fortunate that neither the Asian H5N1 avian influenza nor the H1N1 human influenza pandemic were ever introduced into the U.S. poultry industry.
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