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Egg Production


FDA allows Wright County Egg to resume shipments of shell eggs

Commissioner: FDA confident that eggs can be shipped, consumed safely
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has announced that Wright County Egg may resume shipping shell eggs to consumers after a four-month ban related to the August recall of over half a billion shell eggs originating from Wright and Hillandale Farms. The Salmonella enteritidis-focused recall caused an estimated 1,470 cases of illness.
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UK egg producers demand level playing field

Poland has requested a waiver from the 2010 housing rule
The U.K. government has made an official representation to the European Commission to prevent the export of eggs from other European Union countries to the U.K. that do not comply with EU housing standards. The EU has banned conventional cages, effective 2012, although enriched cages, free range and organic systems are approved.  
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HSUS disclosures on Cal-Maine complex

Company confirms that it functions in accordance with the United Egg Producers’ Animal Care Guidelines
On November 17, the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) released a video and commentary alleging abuse at a Cal-Maine egg production complex in Texas. The allegations included: failure to promptly remove dead birds from cages, trapping of individual birds in cages by defects in wire and injury to the feet of some hens.
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Walmart to establish sustainability standards

Initiative to label environmental impact of various products
Walmart intends to establish standards for sustainability in the production of livestock and dairy products. The Sustainability Consortium has been established involving the University of Arkansas, Arizona State University and agribusiness concerns including Monsanto, Syngenta, Tyson Foods and Stonyfield Farms.
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Rapid rise in egg prices helps overcome effect of egg recall

Prices expected to continue to rise throughout end of 2010
Maro Ibarburu, program manager for the Egg Industry Center (EIC) located at Iowa State University, released the September-October Statistical Report on November 9 prepared with the collaboration of Don Bell of the University of California Riverside. There have been major changes in industry parameters attributed directly to the SE recall of August 14.
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The power of eggs – producers can rise to future challenges

The egg industry is in a strong position to meet the world’s food needs, as delegates discovered at the recent IEC conference in Prague.
Egg industry leaders from around the world gathered together for the International Egg Commission’s (IEC) annual Marketing and Production Conference in September. Over 430 people attended the conference, which this year was held in the city of Prague in the Czech Republic.
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Hen housing systems and egg safety

Studies into the safest way to house layers have yielded some surprising results.
As the debate over housing for layers and egg safety continues, the Poultry Science Association (PSA) has put its weight behind those calling for the need for further research. This comes as international pressure grows on the egg industry to shift from conventional cages to non-cage housing systems for layers.
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Egg recall expected to take toll on prices

Projections for the remainder of the year remain in question.
Maro Ibarburu, program manager for the Egg Industry Center (EIC) located at Iowa State University, released the July-August Statistical Report on September 15. Unfortunately, the recent egg recall affecting approximately 6 million hens in Iowa has distorted projections of price and hen numbers.
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Expansion of Asian egg production remarkable and dynamic

While Asian egg production has had its difficulties over the last two decades, its performance has been dynamic and its expansion remarkable.
The dynamics in Asian egg production over the past two decades have been remarkable. The reason for this has been not only the rapid production increase in China, but also changes in other Asian countries, particularly India and Japan.
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