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Egg Production


Hemp to be approved for layer feed in the US?

Laying hen feed could be about to join the trend for hemp products, perhaps changing the meaning of happy hens.
Could layer hens in the U.S. soon be tucking into a diet of hempseed meal and cake? They will be if a submission to have hemp approved as a feed ingredient in the country is successful.
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ISU developed poultry genetic lines as discovery platform

The inbreeding of the lines provides a consistency among the individual birds of each line that makes molecular studies more efficient
The total set of eight lines is very diverse, with representatives of very old commercial lines, small and large body sizes, and some lines that are very distinct from commercial type birds.
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Is the US poultry industry ready for another HPAI outbreak?

The 2015 outbreak of highly pathogenic avian influenza impacted the US poultry industry a great deal, should the issue arise again, commercial producers may be more prepared now than then.
Small flocks may not utilize biosecurity practices and proper communication correctly, this could pose a threat.
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