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Animal Feed Additives

Oregano being tested as potential animal antibiotics substitute

Chicken, pig farms looking to meet needs of growing organic meat market
Some farmers are testing oregano as a possible alternative to antibiotics as a way to fight off bacterial diseases, catering to a growing consumer base looking for antibiotic-free meat in their grocery aisles. Right now, antibiotic-free meat sales are a small fractino of the overall meat market, but it is a growing segment, according to data.
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Merial acquiring animal health division of India's Dosch Pharmaceuticals

Company plans to develop, expand in India market
Merial, the animal health division of Sanofi, has announced that Sanofi has entered into a binding agreement to acquire the animal health division of Indian company Dosch Pharmaceuticals Private Limited, creating a market entry for Merial in that country’s growing animal health sector.
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Danisco demonstrates enzyme innovations at Eurotier

Costs of feed focus of company's exhibition
Danisco Animal Nutrition focused on the rising costs of raw feed materials, particularly vegetable proteins like soybean meal, while exhibiting at EuroTier 2012. Feed industry visitors saw enzyme combinations like the Avizyme 1500 series, with effects of protease on protein digestibility, beyond the release of energy by xylanase and amylase.
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Symposim discusses Orego-Stim economic, zootechnical benefits

Meriden Animal Health recently participated in the symposium “Significant Effects of Herbs for Better Livestock Performance," with Dr. Gene Jin discussing the zootechnical results and economics of using feed additive Orego-Stim in both poultry and swine production.
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How nutrition affects hatchability in broiler breeders

Broiler weight, the right vitamin premix and feed intake levels all have the ability to increase egg hatchability.
Nutrition does affect the hatchability of eggs, especially in broiler breeders. This is because once an egg is laid, its ability to become a viable broiler chick is not guaranteed. Fertility can be influenced indirectly by nutrition, and even a fertile egg may fail to yield a viable chick if this egg is missing certain nutrients.
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Macroalgae in pig feed may improve performance

Pig feed research is showing that macroalgae promotes piglet nutrition, health and growth.
Macroalgae and pig nutrition and health are not well-known animal feed ingredients. Yet, algae can be valuable in piglet rearing on three different aspects: nutritional value, the functional value of its active principles and technological value.
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Replacing livestock antibiotics in feed

Industry discussions on effectively replacing livestock antibiotics are never ending as new feed additives keep appearing in the animal agribusiness market. Now that high animal feed prices are making it difficult to profitably raise pigs and poultry, many farmers are looking for ways to remove additives that do not have a strong performance record.
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Peter De Schryver

Jules Tournut Probiotics Prize awarded at EuroTier 2012

Study shows use of bacterial storage compound as feed supplement improves growth rates in aquaculture
Peter de Schryver is this year’s recipient of the Jules Tournot Probiotics Prize. Awarded at trade show EuroTier, the prize recognized his work in evaluating a new microbial-based approach to improve aquaculture practices.
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12 ways calcium prevents cracked eggs

The following checklist verifies layers receive the calcium they need to maintain high levels of production and eggshell integrity.
The nutrient calcium is often associated with eggshell quality problems, which is not surprising considering eggshells contain 94 percent calcium carbonate. A single eggshell weighs about 5-6 grams and at least 2 grams are pure calcium. A marginal deficiency in calcium will first reduce and then cease ovulation to protect a hen’s bone integrity.
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