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Animal Feed Additives

Biomin 2011 mycotoxin report studies global prevalence, regional breakdown

74 percent of analyzed samples show presence of mycotoxin
Biomin has released its report on global mycotoxin research for 2011, focusing on global prevalence with a region-by-region breakdown of the various mycotoxins most important to animal and agriculture production. Seventy-four percent of the analyzed samples show the presence of at least one mycotoxin. 
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Chr. Hansen posts €30 million profit for second quarter 2011/2012

Company sees growth in cultures and enzymes, health and nutrition divisions
Chr. Hansen posted €30.4 million (US$39.8 million) in net profit in the company's second quarter ending February 29, an increase from the €24.5 million (US$32.1 million) earned in the second quarter of the 2010/2011 fiscal year, according to Chr. Hansen's latest financial report. The company saw organic growth in both its cultures and enzymes division (9 percent) and its health and nutrition division (11 percent) in the second quarter, but saw a drop in its natural colors division (3 percent). 
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Alternative ingredients

Six unique ingredients to lower piglet feed cost

It is possible to have high-quality diets with less expensive alternative ingredients; you simply have to know where to find the ingredients.
Piglet feedis the most expensive diet in a pig’s life although the final cost per pigremains less than 2% there are ways to lower feeding costs.
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Swine nutrition

Emerging issues in swine nutrition

Using alternative ingredients in order to lower feed cost is now common practice in swine diets. However, now the challenge is to strike a balance between cost and quality.
Using alternative ingredients in order to lower feed cost is now common practice in swine diets. However, now the challenge is to strike a balance between cost and quality.
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FDA finalizes plan for limiting antibiotics in animal feed

Three documents issued outlining industry guidance
The Food and Drug Administration has finalized a plan for asking drug companies to voluntarily limit the use of certain antibiotics in animal feed, in the wake of a U.S. federal judge's decision that their overuse is endangering human health by promoting the development of antibiotic-resistant superbugs. The FDA is asking drugmakers to stop using 200 products for growth promotion and instead use them just to treat and prevent diseases. 
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Dioxin found in eggs from German farms

Farms shut down, cause still under investigation
The chemical dioxin has been found in above-permitted levels in eggs from five farms in the central German state of North Rhine Westphalia, according to the state agriculture ministry. The first three farms had levels of dioxin three to six times permitted levels, and all farms have been sealed off and are not permitted to sell any more eggs. 
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ADM, China Agricultural University research grain replacements in feed

Study looks into replacing some corn with co-products, corn stover
Archer Daniel Midlands Company and China Agricultural University have launched a research program to study the possibility of replacing a portion of the corn in cattle feed with a mix of corn processing co-products and corn stover. China's livestock currently consume about 112 million metric tons of corn per year, and cattle producers may be able to reduce their animals' consumption by more than half by using such a mix. 
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Taiwan investigating possible use of copper sulfate in animal feed

Substance can cause anemia, damage liver when taken in large amounts
Taiwan's Council of Agriculture is investigating the alleged use of copper sulfate in animal feed in response to a report that four feed companies may have bought the additive and that contaminated meat may already be on the market. According to reports, the companies bought the copper sulfate from Taoyuan County-based AmiA Co.  
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Anpario acquires Meriden Animal Health

Purchase will expand Anpario's reach in food additive sector
Feed additive supplier Anpario PLC has acquired Meriden Animal Health Limited, bringing another strong trading brand to Anpario and expanding its product technology while increasing its global market share in the feed additive sector, according to the company. In line with Anpario's strategy, Meriden will be run as a separate business, enabling the team to focus on selling and marketing feed additive products around the world. 
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Young animals

Molasses as a feed ingredient in low-cost piglet diets

Molasses is an old ingredient, but where lactose is rare or expensive, it can offer a sound alternative with many advantages when used as a feed ingredient in piglet diets, and has an interesting story behind it.
Molasses can offer many advantages when used as a feedingredient in piglet diets. Yet it is rarely used in piglet diets beyond a mere2 to 5 percent. 
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