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Animal Feed Additives

Nutrition products manufacturer Animal Science Products changes ownership

President Bailey Reynolds buys out sibling partners to become sole owner
Texas-based animal nutrition products manufacturer Animal Science Products Inc. has changed ownership, with President Bailey Reynolds acquiring the company from his sibling partners Bridget Reynolds Arrant and Bradley Reynolds. The change results in Bailey Reynolds becoming the sole owner of Animal Science Products. 
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Vietnam spends $3.7 billion on feed production imports in 2011

Many imports can be produced domestically, says expert
Vietnam spent $3.7 billion in 2011 to import 8.9 million tons of materials used in animal feed production, accounting for 62 percent of the total materials used in the country's animal feed production center, according to Le Ba Lich, chairman of the Vietnam Animal Feeds Association. The imports included 4.8 million tons of protein-rich materials like soy-beans and processed animal bone powder; and 3.8 million tons of materials that Le Ba Lich said can be produced or replaced by domestic products, including 870,000 tons of corn, 570,000 tons of rice ban and 2.3 million tons of wheat. 
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Maryland may be first state to ban arsenic in chicken feed

Legislation passes House, Senate
Maryland is set to become the first U.S. state to ban the use of additives containing arsenic in chicken feed, joining Canada and the EU who already prohibit the practice, according to reports. Maryland's House of Delegates and Senate approved the legislation at the beginning of April and placed it before Governor Martin O'Malley on April 9. 
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New website connects buyers, sellers of bulk feed ingredients

Site simplifies process, can open up markets
A new website,, is designed to connect buyers and sellers of bulk feed ingredients quickly and easily, simplifying a process that creator Ryan Cooney said normally involves multiple phone calls, emails and negotiations to complete. The free service allows users to see the prices and availability of more than 50 bulk feed ingredients such as fats and oils, animal proteins, grain byproducts and minerals. 
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Burcon NutraScience granted patents

Burcon NutraScience recently was granted patents for three of its products from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.Patents were granted for: the proprietary processes for the production of canola protein isolates Supertein and Nutratein and a proprietary process for the production of protein isolates from mustard seed.
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Biomin 2011 mycotoxin report studies global prevalence, regional breakdown

74 percent of analyzed samples show presence of mycotoxin
Biomin has released its report on global mycotoxin research for 2011, focusing on global prevalence with a region-by-region breakdown of the various mycotoxins most important to animal and agriculture production. Seventy-four percent of the analyzed samples show the presence of at least one mycotoxin. 
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Chr. Hansen posts €30 million profit for second quarter 2011/2012

Company sees growth in cultures and enzymes, health and nutrition divisions
Chr. Hansen posted €30.4 million (US$39.8 million) in net profit in the company's second quarter ending February 29, an increase from the €24.5 million (US$32.1 million) earned in the second quarter of the 2010/2011 fiscal year, according to Chr. Hansen's latest financial report. The company saw organic growth in both its cultures and enzymes division (9 percent) and its health and nutrition division (11 percent) in the second quarter, but saw a drop in its natural colors division (3 percent). 
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Alternative ingredients

Six unique ingredients to lower piglet feed cost

It is possible to have high-quality diets with less expensive alternative ingredients; you simply have to know where to find the ingredients.
Piglet feedis the most expensive diet in a pig’s life although the final cost per pigremains less than 2% there are ways to lower feeding costs.
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Swine nutrition

Emerging issues in swine nutrition

Using alternative ingredients in order to lower feed cost is now common practice in swine diets. However, now the challenge is to strike a balance between cost and quality.
Using alternative ingredients in order to lower feed cost is now common practice in swine diets. However, now the challenge is to strike a balance between cost and quality.
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FDA finalizes plan for limiting antibiotics in animal feed

Three documents issued outlining industry guidance
The Food and Drug Administration has finalized a plan for asking drug companies to voluntarily limit the use of certain antibiotics in animal feed, in the wake of a U.S. federal judge's decision that their overuse is endangering human health by promoting the development of antibiotic-resistant superbugs. The FDA is asking drugmakers to stop using 200 products for growth promotion and instead use them just to treat and prevent diseases. 
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