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Animal Feed Additives

Novus, biotech company partner to develop animal nutrition enzymes

Companies will share equally in costs, profits
Novus International Inc. and biotechnology company Verenium Corporation have partnered to develop and commercialize animal nutrition enzymes targeting the poultry, swine, beef, dairy and aquaculture markets. The partnership, which will include equal shares in representation, costs and profits for both companies, will allow Verenium to "become a more active participant in the animal health and nutrition marketplace," said James Levine, president and CEO of Verenium.
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ADM to expand amino acid production capacity

Company hopes to reach 340,000 metric tons annually by 2013
Archer Daniels Midland Company has announced plans to expand lysine and threonine amino acid production capacity at the company’s Decatur, Ill., facility. When the expansion project is completed in the second half of 2013, ADM will have the ability to produce 340,000 metric tons of lysine or threonine annually.
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Danisco research highlights benefit of E. coli phytase in animal nutrition

Company's research found benefits in break-down of phytate-protein complexes, reduced feed costs
Danisco Animal Nutrition announced new research in understanding the antinutrient effect of phytate in animal nutrition, which can reduce feed costs for pig and poultry producers. The research from Danisco is published in the Analytical Biochemistry journal.
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Novus to host 20th anniversary celebration on June 16

More than 500 agriculture industry guests, customers will attend the event in Missouri
Novus International will host guests at its Global Headquarters in Missouri Research Park on June 16, for a celebration of the company's 20th anniversary in animal nutrition and agriculture. More than 500 guests from 30 countries will attend the celebration ceremony as the company honors its partners and customers for their business.
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Alleviate poultry heat stress through antioxidant vitamin supplementation

Broiler and egg production declines when birds experience heat stress. When funds are unavailable for investment in buildings and ventilation, changes in diet may be the answer.
High ambient temperature is one of the most important stressors for poultry, and has a direct relationship on the profitability of meat and egg production.
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South Korea imposing ban on antibiotics in animal feed

New rules to enhance safety of local meat, dairy products
South Korea is implementing a "total ban" on mixing antibiotics with animal feed that will go into effect in July, according to the government. The ban will enhance the safety of local meat and dairy products, according to the industry.
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Novus International restructures to focus on long-term growth

Five business units will report directly to President, CEO Thad Simons
Novus International Inc. has made several changes in the company’s organizational structure and promoted a select group of its executive team in order to focus on long-term growth. Under the new structure, five units will report directly to Novus President and CEO Thad Simons.
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UK animal feed, pet food contributing to deforestation, says study

British use more than 10% of all palm kernel meal produced to feed animals
More than 10% of all palm kernel meal, a byproduct of palm oil, produced in the world is fed to British animals as feed or petfood, a statistic that may be contributing to deforestation, according to experts. The plantations on which most of the world’s oil palm is grown have resulted in an 85% loss of biodiversity, according to a study done for the Department of Food and Rural Affairs.
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Animal health, nutrition provider expands Arkansas poultry feed plant

Novus International to begin production of environmentally friendly mineral product
Animal health and nutrition provider Novus International has expanded its Little Rock, Ark., manufacturing facility to include new manufacturing space for an environmentally friendly mineral product used in poultry, aquaculture, beef, dairy and pet nutrition. The building has been expanded 45,000 square feet, giving the facility 160,000 square feet of total production space.
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