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Animal Feed Additives

Scale-up of new natural betaine extraction process planned by Danisco

Plant will increase availability, allow recycling of bioethanol residues
Denmark-based Danisco is planning the scale-up of a new extraction process for producing natural betaine that uses vinasse, a byproduct of sugar-beet-derived bioethanol. Previously, the only method of extracting natural betaine involved sugar-beet molasses, a side stream of sugar production.
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Study focuses on improving pig feed with new Bacillus subtilis strains

Aim: develop special strains to reduce protein content, address pig health
Chr. Hansen Animal Health and Denmark's University of Aarhus have partnered to lead a project focusing on nitrogen loss as a result of too much protein in pig feed. The project's goal is to develop special Bacillus subtilis strains to reduce the protein content in pigs' feed, which in turn could reduce the loss of nitrogen to the environment by 10% annually. 
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Mannanoligosaccharide dietary supplement for laying hens

Feed conversion efficiency and hen day egg production were significantly improved by supplementation with MOS
In view of the interest in non-antibiotic dietary supplements to enhance production and immune function, a meta-analysis was carried out on available reports on the benefits on mannanoligosaccharide (MOS) for laying hens.  Feed conversion efficiency and hen day egg production were significantly improved by supplementation with MOS.
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Kentucky Proud initiative tracks beef

Program incorporates traceability throughout the supply chain.
Dr. Simon Timmermans reviewed traceability and the success of the “Kentucky Proud” initiative in relation to the Alltech Angus Project at the recent 2010 Alltech Symposium. Traceability is a comprehensive concept of tracking product through the supply chain
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Volatility in feed markets likely to continue

The effect of unusual weather patterns in 2010 certainly had an impact on grain and feed production, and until stocks are replenished weather-sensitivity is likely to remain.
As I write, much of the UK is blanketed in unseasonal snow. While the view from my window may be appealing, the change in the seasons is not without its difficulties.
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Denmark plans feed protein showcase

Government providing half of €3 million cost
An innovations foundation of the Danish government is providing half of the €3 million investment for a site in Denmark that will demonstrate a new protein ingredients process for animal feeds. Once completed, the site is planned to produce about 100,000 metric tons per year of fermented protein products suitable for inclusion in farm diets and pet foods.
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Ergot alkaloids of increasing concern

Ergotism can occur in all animal species and its impact on production should not be underestimated.
Ergot is a fungal disease that primarily affects rye, triticale, barley and wheat, and which adversely affects the health and productivity of livestock. The fungus in question produces the ergot responsible for the ergot alkaloid group of mycotoxins and parasitizes the seed heads of plants at the time of flowering.
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Feed strategies to protect sows from heat stress

Certain feed additives can help pigs cope with high temperatures
 Because hot weather reduces feed intake, animal feed nutritionists and pig producers need to review sow feed formulas to better prepare them for high temperatures.Pig producers usually reduce crude protein and fiber in feed, because these nutrients emit more heat during digestion and metabolism, compared with carbohydrates and fats.  
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