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Animal Feed Additives

FDA approves first generic monensin for use in cattle and goats

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved Monovet 90, the first generic monensin for use in cattle and goats for certain indications. While monensin is safe for cattle and goats when fed as directed, it is toxic and potentially lethal to horses at these levels, and overdoses in cattle, goats and other animals have occurred. 
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Hamlet Protein presents novel solutions for zinc oxide free diets

Hamlet Protein, multinational producer of high quality vegetable protein, was among the participants at the Zero Zinc Summit 2019 in Copenhagen, Denmark. The event, hosted by SEGES, was attended by feed producers, farmers and scientists from all over the world. At the summit, Hamlet Protein actively discussed fiber based solutions for the Danish market following the EU ban on zinc oxide.
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