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Animal Feed Additives

First comes nutrition, then come additives

It is the fashion of modern nutrition to discuss additives, if only because there is a tremendous industry that supports them.
Nothing is wrong with feed additives. In fact, in the right hands, they can be used with tremendous efficiency, like proper tools for the right job. And, this is what additives are: tools for specific jobs, either to solve a problem or enhance a function.
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DuPont launches Syncra AVI at VIV Asia

Enzyme, probiotic combination improves poultry feed digestibility, aids gut health
DuPont Animal Nutrition launched Syncra Avi to the Asia Pacific region during VIV Asia. A combination of enzymes and probiotics, the product is designed to maximize nutrient digestibility in poultry production.
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Lallemand will double Titan yeast production capacity

To face growing market demand for the premium protected live yeasts Levucell SC Titan and Levucell SB Tittan, Lallemand Animal Nutrition is expending the production capacity of its dedicated yeast production plant in Józefów, Poland.
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Conor Heery joins Tonisity

Tonisity International has announced the appointment of Conor Heery as its Marketing Manager for Europe, Asia, Africa and South America.
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Adisseo gains FDA approval on pure organic selenium source

The Food and Drug Administration has approved the distribution of Selisseo, the first pure source of organic selenium in the U.S. market that provides selenium in the form of Hydroxy-selenomethionine. The product is approved for use in chickens, turkeys and swine. 
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Kemin invests in enzyme production partnership in China

Agreement enhances ability for basic enzyme production to increase capabilities to serve more customers
Kemin Industries, a global ingredient manufacturer focused on improving the quality of life for more than half the world’s population, has established a new partnership with CRVAB Bio-technology Co. Ltd., based in Chifeng, Inner Mongolia, China.
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