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Animal Feed Additives

Kemin to showcase benefits of Aleta at gut health conference

Kemin Industries, a global ingredient manufacturer focused on improving the quality of life for more than half the world’s population, will showcase its new Aleta beta glucan (β-glucan) at the Intestinal Health Scientific Interest Group’s (IHSIG) 6th Conference on Poultry Intestinal Health in Rome from April 3-5.
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4 major additives that replace antibiotics with success

Antibiotics are disappearing quickly from animal production, and these four additives have been first to show positive results in replicating their end result, if not their mode of action.
There is no additive, not of a medicinal nature, that can replace the role of antibiotics for therapeutic purposes. Sick animals requiring antibiotic treatment under veterinarian care should receive appropriate antibiotics at proper dosages to ensure their health and welfare. What happens to such animals raised under no-antibiotics-ever production is a matter that has to do with the marketing/commercial aspects of such business.
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Marketing nutrition from two different directions

The way nutrition is marketed can differ markedly. Why is each method is followed or ignored?
There are two basic methods of marketing nutritional supplements. Successful marketeers combine the best of both worlds, either in a legitimate strategy or in a flawed stratagem. It is up to us to our customers to work with trustworthy and knowledgeable people, but hard and fast earning in this business usually impedes such efforts.
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Gut health

How gut health affects animal performance in ABF production

Maintaining a balanced and effective microbiome is essential for health.
The challenge of antibiotic-free production makes gut health even more important for animal performance. Maintaining a balanced and effective microbiome is essential for health. The relationship between it and the host is complex but there are novel opportunities for positive manipulation.
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Future animal health applications for bacteriophages

Gene products used as antibiotics alternatives show potential in fight against antimicrobial resistance.
Scientists believe that bacteriophage gene products could eventually be used to target bacterial pathogens, such as C. perfringens, in commercial livestock and poultry applications.
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Amlan showcases natural solutions to enhance poultry productivity

At the recent Aviespecialistas de México (AVEM) International Congress 2019, Amlan International presented trial results from a commercial layer producer’s implementation of an Amlan feed additive program that increased production and resulted in a return on investment of 4 to 1.
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Delacon is growing Asian team and hub

Delacon has fostered the team with two new colleagues to a size of seven. Yoshinori Hashizawa is Country Sales Manager Japan and Edna Alconera is Country Sales Manager Philippines.
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