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Court invalidates 2015 WOTUS Rule

The U.S. Court for the Southern District of Texas on May 28, remanded the Environmental Protection Agency/Army Corps of Engineers 2015 “Waters of the U.S.” rule that greatly expanded the regulatory reach of the agencies’ authority to thousands of isolated or small (e.g., depressions, ditches, etc.) waters and drainage features. While several courts have issued injunctions on implementing the rule pending the outcome of several lawsuits, this was the first decision to rule on the legitimacy of the process to finalize the 2015 rule.
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Sanderson: ASF alone won’t justify building new plant

Poultry company does have visions of building another processing facility, but it would be for reasons external to reduction of animal protein supply
At a time when the African swine fever outbreak in China is reducing the global supply of animal protein, and some of that lost pork supply could lead to increased consumption of chicken, Sanderson Farms executives say it would not make sense to build a new poultry plant to meet that demand for protein.
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Astral Foods: Municipal water woes hurting company

South African poultry company is experiencing water supply interruptions at its plant in Lekwa area
South African poultry company Astral Foods says the deterioration of the municipal infrastructure of the Lekwa municipality has led to water supply interruptions to the company’s poultry processing plant in the area.
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