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100 days of COVID-19 in the poultry industry (and in life)

Although at the beginning of the year we could not imagine how things would be in May, poultry production has more or less continued producing.
Indeed, China sneezed and spread pneumonia to the rest of the world, something that hardly resembles the Mexican saying that "when the United States sneezes, Mexico gets the flu."
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Group wants USDA to warn consumers about COVID-19 on meat

Industry association calls the petition “irresponsible.”
The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, a group of doctors that emphasizes plant-based nutrition, has petitioned the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) to warn consumers that asymptomatic processing plant workers may spread COVID-19 to meat and poultry products.
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COVID-19: Plant-based, specialty product sales may drop

Many companies made big investments into the production of specialty products before COVID-19 hit the US, destroyed the economy and left customers with the need for comfort food.
A down economy and the need for comfort food may minimize the sales of plant-based meats and other specialty products.
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Unemployment levels may help Sanderson find plant site

Sanderson Farms wants to build a new poultry plant, but finding an available labor pool had always been a challenge in the past
Before Sanderson Farms’ newest poultry plant in Tyler, Texas, was in operation, the company said it would like to build yet another poultry processing plant. But where has always been in question.
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How will COVID-19 affect broiler breeder flock size?

Sanderson Farms CEO says if staffing shortages persist at poultry plants, breeder flock size is likely to adjust
The size of the U.S. broiler breeder flock in the coming months will largely depend on the staffing situation at poultry processing plants, Joe F. Sanderson Jr., CEO of Sanderson Farms, said.
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Bryan Adams’ reckless pro-vegan post cuts like a knife

Rock musician says his Instagram post was meant to be against wet markets and in favor of veganism, but it was also taken as a xenophobic message
Regardless of the vegan retro rocker’s intentions, Bryan Adams, through an angry post on Instagram, has justifiably caused a lot of outrage.
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