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Broiler Husbandry


EU’s 2022 compound poultry feed production down

All sectors suffered last year, due to rising input costs, trade disruptions and, in the case of poultry and pig feed, ongoing disease challenges.

Compound feed production for all species is thought to have contracted in the European Union last year, with inflation and disease outbreaks largely to blame.

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7 cage-free layer nutrition issues that require attention

We must adjust our thinking on feeding hens housed in cage-free systems to allow for their increased movement, social interaction and exposure to environmental hazards.
Cage free does not necessarily mean free-range layers. Hens are still kept in-house on floors with bedding material or in open aviaries (multi-storied cages with open access).
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Education key for sustainable poultry and egg sector

Education not only helps to raise the poultry sector’s productivity, but its application can help to ensure that production is more sustainable.

Education is essential not only for ensuring that poultry and egg farms are as productive as possible, but also to ensure that their practices contribute to the sector’s sustainability.

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Brazil, one of the most sustainable poultry producers

With strict legislation governing land and resource use, sustainability is inherent in the Brazilian poultry industry.

Brazil is often criticized for failing to care for its natural resources, but is this really the case? Are the country’s livestock producers being unfairly blamed?

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