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Broiler Husbandry


How to optimize broiler house lighting

There are numerous benefits that can be gained from a well-designed and carefully implemented lighting program for broiler flocks.

Managing the light and dark periods in the broiler house is far from being as simple as flicking a switch – various aspects must be considered if birds are to fully benefit.

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5 ways to improve broiler feed efficiency beyond nutrition

After the feed arrives at the farm, there are five pointers that will help improve feed efficiency in broilers.
Improving feed efficiency is usually associated with improved profitability. Most measures to improve this useful index of productivity are by balancing the ratio between energy and amino acids, and (or) by improving nutrient digestibility by a number of different means. But, the feed efficiency rate can be improved even after the feed is mixed and delivered at the farm. Here are five tips to ensure broilers take the most out of the feed they are given on any farm.
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Dutch poultry sector keen to retain leading European role

Despite animal welfare and efficiency having become central to the Dutch poultry industry, the country’s government would appear hostile to its further growth.

Despite its successes the Dutch poultry industry believes that it does not receive enough recognition from the government, and this could threaten its long-term future.

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U.S. poultry industry in sustainability drive

Initiatives will not only seek to increase poultry production’s sustainability but will educate consumers on how sustainable poultry production actually is.

New sustainability initiatives that emerged in the U.S. will not only help to drive sustainability in the poultry industry but should help in building consumer trust.

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China’s chicken production to contract in 2022

China’s chicken meat output expected to decline by year end, but the second half should see signs of recovery.

China’s chicken industry, with high input costs and slim margins, will contract this year, but the second half should see market conditions improve.

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Collaboration is key in successful poultry processing

The various broiler processing operations must be seen as a whole to function optimally, with individual managers as much concerned by what comes next as their immediate area of responsibility.

Fostering a spirit of collaboration from preslaughter through to product dispatch can help to ensure that poultry processing plants maximize their output.

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