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Broiler Husbandry

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8 steps to optimize broiler flock density

Follow these guidelines to maintain the balance between bird welfare and profitability.

Broiler house stocking density is becoming an increasingly controversial issue in poultry welfare. However, reducing the number of birds within a given space can impact the financial viability of an operation. The key is understanding the true space needs of poultry.

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CP Foods: 3C Platform key to Thai broiler industry growth

Consolidation, contribution and collaboration will help poultry industry achieve sustainable growth, says Charoen Pokphand Foods

Charoen Pokphand Foods (CP Foods) suggests that consolidation, contribution and collaboration can lead to success for Thailand’s broiler industry. 

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New poultry packaging offers innovation, sustainability

Whether offering greater production efficiencies, waste reduction or recycling opportunities, new packaging options are offering the poultry industry opportunities to grow its green credentials.

As pressures grows on poultry companies to be more sustainable, there are ever more packaging options that can help sustainability goals to be met.

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Venezuela’s poultry industry enjoys third year of growth

Following three years of contraction, the Venezuelan poultry industry has recorded its third year of growth and is ready to grow further still.

The Venezuelan poultry industry has recorded its third year of growth following a serious contraction. Market conditions suggest that further growth could lie ahead.

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