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5 steps to prepare to meet Better Chicken Commitment

As companies get closer to their purchase pledge deadlines, there are steps that should be started now, Compassion in World Farming says

Companies that have signed on with the Better Chicken Commitment can take these early steps, suggested by Compassion in World Farming, to better prepare to fulfill that pledge.

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Mexican animal welfare bill may harm poultry sector

With a lack of scientific input, a proposal for new animal welfare legislation in Mexico could do more harm than good.
Proposed Mexican animal welfare legislation would appear to be designed to appeal to the public, doing little for poultry producers or the birds they manage.
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How inflation is impacting the poultry industry

The poultry industry is suffering from rising costs, and retailers are less than keen to pass cost increases to consumers, but poultry has an advantage over other animal proteins.
Inflation is already impacting the poultry across inputs, but will rising costs continue and can margins be protected?
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