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How far will COVID-19 disrupt poultry, wider food supply?

Some producers cannot keep up with current demand, while others have seen sales evaporate but, longer-term, all food companies may have to face far more complex problems.
Food businesses have seen major disruptions due to the novel coronavirus COVID-19, but greater problems could emerge without careful planning.
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How is COVID-19 affecting your business?

Let us know how your business is coping with the novel coronavirus and what you need to keep production going.
What impact is the novel coronavirus COVID-19 having on your poultry or egg business? Make your views public to the wider industry through this short survey.
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How COVID-19 may impact the US poultry industry

The global pandemic will affect the industry as concern of worker absence rises and demand shifts from foodservice to retail.
COVID-19 is presenting an unprecedented challenge to the world and the U.S. poultry industry will not be spared from its effects. However, it will likely not be significantly interrupted by the disease.
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How coronavirus is affecting China’s poultry industry

The least affected areas of China may now be functioning more normally, but it will take time for the poultry industry to recover from the impact of the coronavirus epidemic.
The novel coronavirus while not infecting chickens has nevertheless had a significant impact on China's broiler and egg industries.
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