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Broilers & Layers

To control coccidia, control litter moisture

The parasitic microorganism cannot reproduce in certain conditions, so keeping broiler litter dry will cut down on its population and the diseases it causes, such as necrotic enteritis.
Controlling litter moisture is the key to controlling coccidiosis and necrotic enteritis in broiler houses.
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IBDv suspected at New Zealand egg farm

One other nearby property has a suspect case of virus that has been absent from New Zealand since the 1990s
Biosecurity New Zealand is responding to a possible detection of a poultry virus, Infectious Bursal Disease virus (IBDV) type 1 in a layer egg farm in Otago and one other nearby property.
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Will the ‘anti-vaxxers' demand vaccine-free poultry?

Claims such as antibiotic free and hormone free are increasingly used by poultry marketers, confusing consumers with multitude of label messages, is vaccine free next?
What happens when our anti-vaxxer consumer becomes concerned with the idea that a vaccine may give chicken, hog, or cattle some sort of permanent health issues, like the ones they claim can result from human vaccination?
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Marketing poultry products to younger generations

Consumers’ food-buying decisions are changing rapidly, and chicken and egg producers that fail to act on these changes do so at their own peril.
Marketing poultry and egg products to younger generations requires a more tailored approach unimaginable in the past. This offers great opportunities for producers, but this change brings risks for those who fail to engage.
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Italy’s poultry producers saw mixed results in 2018

While output contracted slightly last year, changing tastes are seeing Italy’s consumers spend more on poultry products and eggs.
While output in the Italian poultry sector contracted in 2018, demand for value-added products saw the Italian poultry producers generate higher revenues.
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