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One Health Certified label program reaches milestone

The new labeling program aimed at creating a new standard for chicken and other animal protein is partnering with the New York Academy of Sciences.
The New York Academy of Sciences will partner with the burgeoning One Health Certified labeling program. This is a significant step for the program aiming at creating an animal production standard that has meaning and value.
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Salmonella prevention requires integrated approach

Pathogen problems can arise anywhere, from the breeding stock to the processing plant.
Minimizing the presence of Salmonella on poultry products is not just the responsibility of those at the processing plant. It requires the attention from people from every stage of the supply chain.
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How chicken will succeed in the digitized proteins market

A trio of speakers at the Chicken Marketing Summit will provide insight into a meat proteins market, in which consumers' choices are increasingly situation-specific and personalized.
Profitably winning the consumer’s food dollar in the meat category in 2019 and beyond will require new solutions that automate and personalize the marketing of food proteins to consumers. A four-part session at the 2019 Chicken Marketing Summit will deliver insights into how this transformation will impact the chicken industry’s products in the channels in which it competes.
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A new device for detecting woody breast

The system uses machine vision to detect the condition in breast meat fillets.
Using the power of machine vision, a new device that may soon be on the market can help poultry processing plants sort out chicken meat exhibiting signs of woody breast syndrome from normal meat.
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