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Australian research initiative building poultry industry’s skills and capacity

Linking universities, governments and industry to address challenges in the poultry industry, the Poultry CRC is working across a number of related spheres.
Australia’s Poultry Cooperative Research Centre Program, Poultry CRC, is now well over a year into its latest seven-and-a-half year funding. Over this period, it has approved 21 research projects and commenced most of its education projects.
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VIV Russia 2011 offers access to expanding poultry, pig markets

The region is poised for growth as Russia increases its domestic meat production.
Because Russia’s agricultural policies are aimed at achieving more growth and higher self-sufficiency levels, pig and poultry producers, processors and feed manufacturers are looking for the latest technology and machinery to help them hit the government’s ambitious meat production targets. In spite of recent economic difficulties, the Russian government is heavily investing in agricultural development programmes.
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Crisis management in the poultry industry - preparing for the unexpected

Thorough preparation can help to ensure business continuity and the preservation of hard won reputations.
Egg producers in the US have certainly learnt of late what it means to deal with a crisis. While preventing every crisis scenario may be impossible, taking steps to ensure that your business can manage an incident, and continue to operate and trade through it, is essential.
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Taking the long-term view at the International Poultry Expo

The long term view was certainly in evidence at this year’s International Poultry Expo, with economic forecasters looking beyond current difficulties in the market, predictions of where the next major growth areas would be, advice on how to align business direction with consumer preference and how to foster sustainability.
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USDA: 2011 poultry production to reach estimated 43.26 billion pounds

Numbers up from 2010 figures
In its latest report, the U.S. Department of Agriculture estimated that total U.S. poultry production for 2011 will reach roughly 43.26 billion pounds, up from the 2010 number of 42.84 billion pounds. The estimate, which includes broilers, turkeys and mature chickens, includes a slight decrease in turkey production (5.56 billion pounds for 2011 compared to 2010's 5.61 billion pounds) and an increase in broiler production (37.20 billion pounds for 2011, compared to 36.73 billion pounds for 2010).
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Online forum to address challenges of feeding the globe

Event to be held April 6, 2011
The WATT Online Animal Forum: Feeding the Globe is designed to help animal agriculture executives meet the challenges of feeding the world’s growing population. This online event — scheduled for April 6 — offers a valuable mix of live webinars, networking opportunities and information on products and services from major industry suppliers.
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Reducing energy costs in broiler production

Taking a proactive approach to minimizing wasted utilities may take on new urgency for poultry producers as energy costs are forecast to rise.
Energy expenses are the single largest input cost for many large broiler producers.The new year opened with oil prices hitting two year highs and the International Energy Agency (IEA) warning that high oil prices were posing a threat to the global economic recovery.
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India’s broiler industry moving from live to processed chicken

Manually-processed poultry accounts for more than 90% of demand, but modernization is spreading.
Indian consumers prefer to buy fresh meat from wet markets or live bird markets. A perception exists that fresh poultry meat purchased as a live bird and slaughtered in their presence is of better quality. Consumers lack confidence in chilled or frozen meat because they believe live birds have a better taste and texture.
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Venezuelan poultry consumption to increase in 2011

Chicken imports are poised to take more market share, while domestic output is pressured by high feed costs and fixed output.
Poultry consumption in Venezuela is expected to increase in 2011, however, imports will take a larger share of the market as domestic output is pressured by fixed output prices and high feed costs. According to the US Department of Agriculture’s Foreign Agriculture Service, poultry imports from Brazil and Argentina will make the domestic industry less profitable as it faces stronger competition.
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Cobb Europe discusses 'enhancing efficiency and profitability in breeder and broiler production' at seminar

Feed efficiency one of main drivers in increasing poultry production
A Cobb Europe technical seminar presented attendees with a look into "enhancing efficiency and profitability in breeder and broiler production" with a focus on the Turkish poultry industry. More than 60 guests gathered in Istanbul for the event, which included a spotlight on the power of developing countries and the need for highly efficient meat production as a response to world population growth.
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