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Nutrition labels to appear on poultry, other meat in 2012

New rule affects whole cuts, ground/chopped products
Under a new U.S. Department of Agriculture Food Safety and Inspection Service rule, scheduled to take effect on Jan. 1, 2012, packages of ground or chopped poultry and meat will feature nutrition facts panels on their labels. Additionally, whole, raw cuts of poultry and meat will have nutrition facts panels either on their package labels or available for consumers at the point-of-purchase.
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Aviagen SweChick hosts road shows in Scandinavia

Over 130 broiler industry representatives attend events
Aviagen SweChick, Aviagen’s Swedish business unit, recently held a series of broiler road shows for customers in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. This was the first series of events for Aviagen SweChick and was organized by Aviagen SweChick’s customer focus team and supported by Aviagen specialists.
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US poultry eyes decline in Russia trade

U.S. chicken producers are coming to grips with the inevitable – Russia will become self sufficient, more or less, in poultry production, and sooner now than later.
Poultry is a constantly changing global business, but the market adjustment now being pondered by the U.S. chicken industry is major. After two decades of perennially owning a chunk of the Russian proteins market equivalent to as much as 20% of their production, U.S. chicken producers are coming to grips with the inevitable – Russia will become self sufficient, more or less, in poultry production, and sooner now than later.
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Almarai Company expanding into Middle East poultry production

Partnering with Petersime to build broiler hatchery
Saudi Arabia-based food and beverage manufacturer Almarai Company is expanding further into the Middle East poultry production business with the construction of a new broiler hatchery. The company acquired poultry integrator Hadco in 2009 and is now looking to become a leader in the poultry industry.
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Labor shortage forces automation on Indian poultry farms

Farmers hit with increased input costs
A shortage of trained labor is forcing Indian poultry farmers to turn to automation to keep their businesses running, in spite of increased input costs. Resistance to higher short-term costs turned to acceptance when calculations showed that automation actually saves farmers money over a five-year span, said Poultry Federation of India spokesman Ricky Thaper.
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Hydor, Lower Heath Farm partner to expand, advance broiler farm

Communication center, ventilation system among improvements
Equipment provider Hydor has partnered with Lower Heath Farm to expand and advance Lower Heath's broiler production. Lower Heath has expanded its capacity by three sheds, each of which is equipped with one of Hydor's complete ventilation systems.
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US, South Korea conclude negotiations on free trade agreement

Exports could generate $750 million over first 10 years of agreement
The U.S. and South Korea have concluded negotiations on a free trade agreement that has the potential to triple annual U.S. poultry exports to the other country. In 2009, U.S. poultry exports to South Korea totaled roughly $46 million.
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Chicken to win more market share in China, EuroTier attendees told

China’s chicken not hampered by restrictions faced by pork
Projections from the China Animal Agriculture Association suggest that poultry will gain a larger share of the total Chinese meat supply over the next 10 years, although pork looks certain to remain the most popular of all the meats eaten nationally. The projected figures were presented by CAAA representatives at a series of meetings held during the EuroTier 2010 exhibition in Germany.
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